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Emergency Procedures

In the event of a fire, or any other emergency situation that requires the building to be vacated, the fire alarm is sounded, and all occupants evacuate in a pre-determined manner. There are regular fire drills to practice building evacuation.

If an emergency situation requires students and staff to lock-down in an area until further notice, staff and students follow the procedures that are established and practiced. 

In the event of an emergency on school property, please do not phone the school, but check the website for updates.

Announcements regarding unscheduled school closings and early dismissals in emergency situations will be sent through our school messaging system, social media and local TV stations. Please check regularly for school announcements whenever conditions deteriorate or emergencies occur. More information on school closures: click here.

Please review contingency plans with your children so they are prepared in the event school dismisses early due to emergency conditions.

Parents/guardians: Do not assume you will be able to contact us to forward directions to your children during emergencies.  Telephone systems are quickly overwhelmed when emergencies occur.