Meadow Ridge Elementary School
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Meadow Ridge Elementary Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-6600 | Fax: 509-465-6620 | Attendance Line: 509-465-6670 (24hrs)

Principal: Chris Backman 509.465.6610
Principal Assistant: Lisa Horn 509.465.6667

Principal's Administrative Assistant

Shannon Cosner 509.465.6601

Building Administrative Assistant

Marnie Curtis 509.465.6606

First Name

Last Name


Work Email

Phone- 509.465.

Harry Anderson 5th Grade Teacher 6658
Shelby Andrews Para Educator 6600
Kalin Armstrong Physical Therapist 7600
Rhonda Ayers 2nd Grade Teacher 6646
Chris Backman Principal 6610
Carrie Baker Para Educator 6600
Becca Bigelow Physical Therapist 7600
Colleen Bloom Special Education Teacher 6659
Liv Boschma 1st Grade Teacher 6642
Kim Byrd Para Educator 6600
Cori Carlson 5th Grade Teacher 6635
Linda Carolan Manager II 6615
Camie Chimienti 4th Grade Teacher 6656
Shannon Cosner Principal's Administrative Assistant 6601
Allison Cowart School Nurse 688-9130
Kelli Craig Kindergarten Teacher 6638
Denise Crouch 6th Grade Teacher 6652
Marnie Curtis Building Administrative Assistant 6606
Shannon Dennis 4th Grade Teacher 6655
Jordan Dutton Para Educator 6600
Tina Elliott Educational Specialist 7609
Trish Emch Para Educator 6600
Kerrie Garinger Para Educator 6600
Jennifer Godsill Para Educator 6600
Amy Gracyalny Kindergarten Teacher 6639
Melissa Graef Kindergarten Teacher 6640
Marie Grieve 4th Grade Teacher 6654
Bruce Hagstrom 6th Grade Teacher 6650
Kristin Hermann School Psychologist 7600
Becki Higgins 3rd Grade Teacher 6647
Kara Hock 5th Grade Teacher 6635
Lisa Horn Principal Assistant 6667
Carolyn Ishii Para Educator 6600
Melissa Kehr Speech/Language Pathologist 7418
Lynn Keyes LAP Teacher 6662
Jorene Klopsch 6th Grade Teacher 6657
Mary Lawson Para Educator 6614
Jill Leary 5th Grade Teacher 6665
James Maki SS Custodian 2 6600
Bethany Mason Occupational Therapist 7600
Emilie McGlocklin 1st Grade Teacher 6643
Emily Miller Interpreter (PSE) 7600
Joy Miller Library Specialist 6614
Donn Nelson Teacher of Deaf & Hard of Hearing 7600
Michelle Norwood 1st Grade Teacher 6641
Melissa Olson 3rd Grade Teacher 6648
Katie Patry Physical Therapist 7600
Tami Pivonka Para Educator 6600
Deanna Prichard 3rd Grade Teacher 6649
Jackie Reinhart Cook II 6615
Jamie Roberts Para Educator 6600
Stephen Rogers 4th Grade Teacher 6653
Bill Rosell DS Custodian 3 6600
Jessica Rumberger Resource Room Teacher 6600
Christina Salstrom Para Educator 6600
Gina Schell Music Teacher 6663
Scott Schmidt SS Custodian 2 6600
Sally Schwarz Combo Support Specialist 6600
Katie Scott LAP Teacher (AM) 6600
Katie Smith 2nd Grade Teacher 6644
Kim Spies Para Educator 6600
Sonja Svennungsen Resource Room Teacher 6661
Debra Tabacek Special Education Preschool Teacher 6633
LaNada Tag Specialist Support 6600
Lindy Terry School Psychologist 7600
Thereza Vahlstrom ELL Teacher 6625
Monica Wallace 6th Grade Teacher 6651
Tina Ward Para Educator 6600
Shanyn Wasem Para Educator 6600
Brenna Weishaar Speech/Language Pathologist 7600
Deborah Wiechert Social Worker 6637
Mary Wilner Teacher of the Vision Impaired 7600
Angela Wittwer Physical Education Teacher 6664
Tanya Wunsch 2nd Grade Teacher 6645